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JS-837 HT
Dental Pick Set of 4 Pcs.
JS-838 HT
Carver Set of 12 Pcs.
JS-839 HT
Set of 6 Pcs. with different hooks can be screwed in a handle
JS-840 HT
Hobby / Model maker's tool. Set of 17 Pcs. in PVC pouch
JS-841 HT
Brass Pin Punches Set of 8 Pcs.
JS-842 HT
Long Pin Punches Set of 5 Pcs.
JS-843 HT
Needle Files Set of 6 Pcs. & 12 Pcs., 14 cms.
JS-844 HT
Tool Set of 3 Pcs. Stainless Steel
JS-845 HT
Try Square Size: 3", 6", 9" & 12"
JS-846 HT
Angular Square Size: 3", No. 6" & 8"
JS-847 HT
Mini Plane white brass lining both sides. Regular Plane Brass Lining
JS-848 HT
Mini Plane white brass lining both sides. Bull Nose Type
JS-849 HT
Mini Plane white brass lining both sides. Scraper
JS-850 HT
Bevel Squares. Sizes: 3", 7", 9" & 10"
JS-851 HT
Mitre Box Wooden Size 4", 6" & 9"
JS-852 HT
Mitre Square in different size
JS-853 HT
Marking Gauge Size 3", 6" & 9"
JS-854 HT
Woodworking Tools Set of 5 Pcs.for Hobby Craftsman
JS-855 HT
Baby Vice Fixed with clamp. Size: 30, 40, 50, 60mm
JS-856 HT
Bench Vice Swivel Base. Size: 30, 40, 50, 60mm
JS-857 HT
Bench Vice Fixed Base. Size: 30 to 70mm
JS-858 HT
Table/Baby Vice Swivel with clamp. Size: 30, 40, 50, 60mm
JS-859 HT
Tool Maker's Precision Vice 50mm
JS-860 HT
Drill Vice
JS-861 HT
Uni Grip Vice
JS-862 HT
T-Type Tap Handle Size: 1/4" & 1/2"
JS-863 HT
Tool Bits HSS 5% Cobalt. Available in different designs


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