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Company Profile

We feel happy presenting our website before you showing the Tools for different fields being manufactured by us.
Jullundur Surgical Works, the only actual manufacturer in India, achieved the milestones by commencing the exports of items mentioned in the website. No doubt, there may be some exporters of these items in India, but it is a pride of Jullundur Surgical Works to become the only manufacturers-exporters. We are presently exporting our products to West Germany, U.S.A., United Kingdom, South East Asia, Far East, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain etc. This has been made possible only due to co-operation, assistance and continued trust bestowed upon our Perfect Line products by our valuable customers.
It is our specialty to produce Tweezers of world-standard. We have become synonymous with good quality of Tools for Watchmakers, Jewellers and Goldsmith, DIY/Hobby Tools due to its long and skilled experience of 67 years.
All items are made carefully from international standard materials, every possible endeavor has been made to manufacture aforesaid Tools to highest possible standard and precision and they are quite satisfactory and dependable to perform its respective job. But we cannot guarantee that all items supplied will be exactly as described because some changes, however, can be made to give the customers best products for long lasting performances.
It is hoped that this website will prove helpful reference for selecting their needs of common sale. Any item not covered in our website, you may advise us your specifications & samples for our counter samples.
We thank you all & anticipate your support and well based confidence in our organization.
Yours very truly,
Jullundur Surgical Works.
S. Paul Mahajan



C-93, Sports & Surgical Goods Complex
Kapurthala Road, Jalandhar City - 144 021
State - Punjab, INDIA
Ph.: +91 181 2650533
E-mail: info@jullsurg.com


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