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JS-101 TW
Fine Pointed. 120mm No.3


JS-102 TW
Fine Pointed Short. 110mm No.3C


JS-103 TW
Flat Round Tips. 120mm No.2A


JS-104 TW
Fine Tips Curved. 120mm No.7/7A


JS-105 TW
Fine Narrow Sharp Tips. 140mm No.SS
JS-106 TW
Multi Purpose Model Fine, Strong, Points. 125mm No.AA
JS-107 TW
Fine Strong Points. 120mm No.00
JS-108 TW
Very Fine Tips Oblique. 120mm No.5A
JS-109 TW
Super Fine Points. 110mm No.5
JS-110 TW
Fine Tips Narrow. 120mm No.2
JS-111 TW
Fine Tips. 120mm No.1
JS-112 TW
Fine Tips Short. 110mm No.4
JS-113 TW
Fine Bent Point. 120mm No.6
JS-114 TW
Strong Points American Design. 125mm No.GG
JS-115 TW
Smooth Flat Tips Straight For Pickup Chips. 125mm No.34A
JS-116 TW
Smooth Flat Tips Bent For Pickup Chips. 125mm No.36A
JS-117 TW
Fine Strong Points. 125mm No.MM
JS-118 TW
Fine Tips Epoxy Coated. 140mm No.SS
JS-119 TW
Fine Tips Epoxy Coated. 110mm No.3C
JS-120 TW
Round Flat Tips Epoxy Coated. 120mm No.2A
JS-121 TW
With PVC Insulated Tips for delicate components. 120mm
JS-122 TW
Tweezer No.7 with Magnifier


JS-123 TW
Centre Lock Stainless Steel 6.5"


JS-124 TW
Sharp Bent Points Crane Neck Type. 165mm
JS-125 TW
Arrow Head Shape Tip 120mm
JS-126 TW
Self Closing 4A Type Tips 4.5"
JS-127 TW
Tweezers Bent Copper Tong for Jewellers
JS-128 TW
Tweezers Copper Tong Fish Type
JS-129 TW
With Fibre Grip Straight Points Self Closing 165mm
JS-130 TW
With Fibre Grip Curved Points Self Closing 165mm
JS-131 TW
Curved Round Points 175mm
JS-132 TW
Flat Points Self Closing 165mm
JS-133 TW
Medium Sharp Points Self Closing 115mm
JS-134 TW
Fine Points Serrated 150mm
JS-135 TW
Round Heavy Points Serrated 150mm
JS-136 TW
With Guide Pin Pointed Bent 155mm
JS-137 TW
With Guide Pin Pointed Straight 155mm
JS-138 TW
Large Tips Sturdy Straight 200mm
JS-139 TW
Fine Tips Serrated 5 Holes on Top 160mm
JS-140 TW
AA Multipurpose Model PVC Coated Insulated 125mm
JS-141 TW
Curved PVC Coated Insulated Serrated Jaws 130mm
JS-142 TW
Tweezers With Plastic Tip
JS-143 TW
Tweezers Wafer Handling Tweezers Non Magnetic
JS-144 TW
Tweezers Stainless Steel for holding Beeds & Diamonds. Size 4",5",6" & 8"
JS-145 TW
Tweezers With Spade Straight or Slight Bent Stainless Steel 4"


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